Friday, March 27, 2009

I know its been a whole week, but...

We were at the BEACH!!!!! I have pics, that I can't upload because our computer is sick. Jon is working on it, but til I have a photo cd made at walmart I'm outta luck for photos. We had a fabulous time. I collected a ton of seashells, and have a few projects in mind for them. We all got sunburnt, I got it the worst. even with multiple applications of sunscreen my back seems to get burned. The pain is all gone now, and we are hanging out at home. I have to go to the grocery since I pretty much emptied our fridge before we left. The kids love love love the beach. Ryan was rushing in to the water and Rebecca loved playing in the sand. It felt so good to get home though. We will have to go back to Gulf Shores again!!!!

Have a great weekend.!

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