Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where's my pot of gold?

Driving home this morning from work it was rather blah outside. Chilly, certainly compared to the Alabama weather I had experienced all week, and it was sprinkling intermittently. The sky was gray with clouds, darker to the west. The sun had already been peaking out through the clouds, but was not shining brightly. I looked out to the west because one cloud looked particularly disturbing to me (the kind that looks like it could become something more) and much to my suprise was a brilliant rainbow. It had the most clear color of a rainbow I have seen in a very very long time and it was enormous and melted right into the ground. I stopped the car and took a picture (which i still am unable to load into the computer), and by the time I did that and moved on a small bit to see if I could get a better shot it was gone. So quickly that if I didn't have a picture I would question whether I had seen it at all. It gave a couple of thoughts to ponder. One being the promise of the rainbow God gave, and the other is how quickly things change. Amazing vibrant colors that catch your attention and make you want to stop and savor them, and then they are gone. Moments are fleeting! I still cannot get over the brillance of the colors against the gray sky. It was a little moment for me and I loved it, even with out a pot of gold.

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