Thursday, April 9, 2009


So soon it will be one year since I started working on getting healthy! 40 pounds are gone, and have stayed off. I am however not satisfied with only those 40 pounds. The holidays came, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my birthday, and thankfully I didn't over do too much. We are eating a lot healthier in our home. More fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean meats, and the kids have even become excited about exercise. However, there is still too much driving thru drive thrus and junk.

I cannot begin to tell you how much my brother has been a huge help and inspiration to me through all of this. He is very non judgmental, lets me vent about weight issues, lack of motivation, and life in general without batting an eye, and celebrates a success. Seriously, he is the picture of health. Works out faithfully, eats healthy, and weight gain or issues of any kind are not an issue for him, making him one of the most dedicated people I know. He could easily scold me, or any number of things, but he never ever does. He is proud of what I have accomplished so far, and is cheering me on as I set new goals. I say all of that (which I have told him) to say he helps me stay accountable. I can say to him I ate a whole cake (which I haven't) and helps me get past that. Everyone needs someone who helps them without being degrading or unkind. He is really a ROCK for me in the health aspect of my life.

Accountability is much more than about weight or health goals. However, today that is my focus. I am starting a fresh! To help me with this, I am taking an online scrapbooking class. I know this sounds funny, how is scrapbooking helping me get healthy. It is really all about accountability. It is a wellness journey. Some fresh ideas on exercise and eating. The instructor has a great recipe sight wholeabundance and there is a message board to connect with other people doing the same thing I am. I told Monte (my brother) I had toyed with the idea of weight watchers, or some other similar type thing again, but I know I already have what it takes to do this. I don't need meetings or to spend money every week for someone to tell me how I am doing. This class is creative and informational while giving me eight weeks of check points to help me stay ACCOUNTABLE!!

Since January, I have been looking for the word of this year. One word to focus on, to keep me honest about life and this week I found it. Only took 4 months!!

I am excited about this class, because I get to create a scrapbook, workout journal, and set and reach some goals! Posting all of this, is actually way more sharing about my goals than I normally would, but I have a feeling it will keep me accountable.

Have a great HEALTHY day!wholeabundance

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