Monday, April 13, 2009

In keeping with my word of the year

Accountability. I realize it applies to every aspect of my life. There are things that keep me spiritually accountable, and there are daily accountability things. Little things like daily tasks. Things that keep me focused also keep me accountable. My children keep me accountable by preventing me from saying things I shouldn't like "stupid" (saying this will get you a severe tongue lashing from Rebecca!)
I really am glad I selected this word, or as it seems this word selected me!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I was at work, but did get off a little early, not enough to join any festivities, but enough for a little time for me.

Today will be somewhat status quo. Laundry, at least 30 minutes of cardio, since its raining I can't go for a run, so I'll have to plug in a dvd, and today is lower body. work provided a little extra upper body work this weekend. I have also decided I'm going to work my core every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I would like to just tell everyone too, Plank position is hard, but I held it for a full minute. THIS IS BIG! plank position is the push up position in the "UP" The first 30 seconds weren't bad, but by 45 seconds my middle was shaking. I had no idea that would work my core like it did!! I have to say it was awesome. And I did some oblique crunches. you lay on your back and roll your knees to the side, then use your obliques to lift your upper body up!! they felt awesome. I could really feel it which is rewarding.

Have a fabulous day! eat healthy and move a little more!! You are so worth it!!

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