Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So Good morning. This blog needs some PICTURES!!!! I'm gonna work on that today after I pick up the house! I thankfully am feeling better, however, my allergies are still going strong, and I have a cough/cold feeling too. SIGH!!! Both kids have a lil stuffy nose! BLECK!!!! So ready to be healthy. I think all this hot cold weather has us in a pickle!

Haven't had anymore funky heart things, and I can breathe which is AWESOME. Now I am a bit bummed that I can't exercise right now. It causes coughing fits!!! and then I can't breathe quite so well, but soon hopefully I'll be back moving this body!

My house was completely neglected last week d/t my not feeling well, and since I worked night shift this past weekend yesterday was pretty much wasted. I have to say tho, my dad hanging out so I can catch a couple hours of sleep is awesome!! It is amazing what a couple hours will do.

My handsome lil guy got a hair cut last night. Looks so much better! He was starting to look like a bit of a ragga-muffin, albeit an adorable one.

Well, my house is so not cleaning itself (altho that would be handy). And I am really wanting to get some pics developed and loaded!!
So off I go to clean clean clean!!

Have a great day! Stay out of the rain!

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