Friday, April 3, 2009

Most people love Fridays...

But when you work weekends Fridays are my Sundays. I don't dislike the day, just know that tomorrow comes work. I love my job, but I miss my family.

This morning, as in most mornings Ryan does something to amuse me. He was picking up some toys to prevent me from picking them up (didn't want to have to buy them back). He had his guitar down, and as he picked it up he whacked his bottom lip with it. It was immediately red, so there is do doubt it hurt. He had instant tears, and it was a great opportunity to cuddle him (he is growing up so fast) So I hugged him and took a good look at it, no blood, so I say "it'll be okay. don't you think you'll be okay" He looks up at me with lil tears in his eyes and says "I hope so" I couldn't even keep it together. I laughed right then and there. I was not expecting I hope so. I hugged him again then told him to finish picking up. He did without argument. YAY.

I worked in my scrap area yesterday. Made 4 pages for my Library of Memories class. I made title pages for my albums. I didn't have photos yet for the Places we go pages so I put together the page pictureless until I get them. I was showing them to Jon last night and the places page was last. I held it up and said this is for the places we go. (now if you know my hubby...he has quite the sense of humor..dry tho) He says, "well isn't that pretty telling, we don't go anywhere!" We both laughed, he had that little glint in his eye that tells me he is harrassing me. (which I am certain he loves to do)

I also cleaned in my scrap area a LOT yesterday and it felt good. So I asked Jon if he could tell. He put on a fake face of amazement and said, "yes absolutely!" Okay smarty pants, I get it you don't pay any attention to my space. And in his defense it still looks pretty cluttered. But my desk is visible and this is BIG.

Hope you have a great Friday!!! it's going to be a rainy wet day here.

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