Saturday, June 27, 2009


Obviously, posting to the blog has taken a back seat. Somewhat we can thank Facebook for that. More so, tho, the slow dying of our computer. We had to remove all photos from the hard drive and some programs, so my photos are not as easily viewable by me, and posts with no pics just are not as fun. Some things that have happened since I last really posted (not the short little quips, but the real stuff that happens), Rebecca broke her arm and is now out of her cast 6 weeks we were casted.
Cast #1 was plaster put on by Dr. Kayes, and Mary Kay finished it off in pink.

Cast number # 2 was tye dye. Mike the cast guy (as he referred to himself) was fun and made a somewhat scary moment cool. The cutting off of the old cast was a bit tramatic, but he put Rebecca at ease.

we kept cast #2, not sure what we are going to do with it. On Wednesday June 24th The cast came off for good. Our cast assistant this time was Natalie. Rebecca was amazing during the whole process. Very Very Very Brave!!! Pics free of cast are still in the camera.

Sometime in the last few months Rebecca learned to blow a bubble with gum. I have a photo but it is sideways.

We have been to the Childrens museum a couple times and plan to go back to see King Tut.
We went to the Cincy zoo a couple times, we went to the Columbus Zoo, and The air force museum. We have been doing lots of fun family things.

Hope you are having a great summer.

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Tomie said...

hope things are well! Miss ya babbling brooke ;)