Thursday, July 9, 2009


So this week is VBS!!!! YAY WOO HOOO let's hear it for Crocodile Dock!!! "I will not be afraid....

Anyway, the kids are loving it!!! One of the best VBS's I've ever been too. If your church hasn't tried GROUP VBS you should consider it!

Nasal medications are nasty! My allergy med is called Astepro, and its a nasal spray. and this morning I think it all ran down my throat YUCK!!!!! I would rather take a pill than spray stuff up my nose! I am however already feeling less stuffy.

This week Rebecca and I had eye apppointments. I will be getting new glasses that need to be worn more than not worn (dog gone it, I guess I am getting old! Rebecca does not need glasses, altho she may within the year. Dr. said she seems to have the same eye condition I have which has some long fancy name I promptly forgot. I had bifocals at 12, and the name for the cause of that which I believe starts with "h" Rebecca showed some signs of, however, not enough to warrant glasses. I was thrilled, she was disappointed. She thinks glasses are cool!! Little does she know. LOL

Hope everyone is having a great summer. We have been busy busy busy!

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