Monday, August 17, 2009

It's the first day of SCHOOL 2009-2010

I can't believe school is here already. Oh summer, where are you? Ryan said he had a great first day at preschool. He colored light vs dark, read a frog book and played in the dome. There is another Ryan in his class and he has a girl friend (OH MY). Previous little girl from last years preschool. I am just thankful she likes Ryan, because she is mean to everyone else, already today Ryan said she pinched the other Ryan on the shoulder because she wanted the truck he was playing with...sigh. At least he's only 4 and this relationship won't last LOL!!

I did take pictures. This afternoon I'm going to put them on a CD so I can add them to the blog.

I did Rebecca's hair up in a faux braid...LOL that just doesn't sound right does it. It looked cute, however I didn't get the front straight, but it was too late to fix it. She liked it though.

I have averaged a load of laundry a day and I am almost through 1 gallon of the laundry soap. Still loving it, I won't go back to buying soap at the store.

Found out Goo Gone gets washed/dried in silly putty out of fabric. Ryan's blankie is saved! He will be very glad about this, altho he has been a trooper using a sub blankie.

Getting ready to make some lunch and cook up some extra ground chuck to put in the freezer. I like having it ready made and ready to go for quick meals. I am going to make taco cups. It uses biscuits and a muffin tin. Sounds good so we will see.

Have a great and Blessed day!!

God is so Good!!

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