Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept. 1st.

Well, I have failed as a story teller/scrapbooker/photographer...I left my camera at home. Today the kids had their first dental appts. Ryan did amazing!!! Rebecca did almost great, except for the part where she was screaming as if we were getting ready to cut off her head. (All for a little sealant on her molars...go figure). She caused the appt to take much longer than necessary. We went to Chuck E Cheese post appt. Ate at Panera Bread, and ran into Target. The appt took long enough that by the time we would have waited so the kids could eat (flouride treatment) and such and made it home there would have only been about an hour left for Rebecca to be at school. Disadvantage to the dentist being in Muncie. I did have the next appts set up for afternoon. Rebecca also will be having a consultation with an orthodontist...my old orthodontist no less (that should make her feel old LOL) in about a month. Just preliminary stuff. We won't be doing anything until she has her permanent teeth. I had enough orthodontal work for more than 2 people so I don't plan on seeing a repeat on my child.

Well, I should go tackle the dishes, and get lunches packed for tomorrow. I need to run to the grocery too.

Wednesdays are busy days because of quizzing and kids klub. Time seems to be zooming by me.

Have a blessed day

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