Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here are the bag-a-lopes

Rebecca worked hard, with much kicking and fighting....wanted all the glory without all the work, but we talked about that and she finally calmed down and had a good time.

These are not hard to make

1. take and envelope and seal it.

2. cut on end off of the envelope (this one is a letter size so i cut in half)

3. fold each side in about an inch (the bigger then envie the larger fold you can make, but for the small ones an inch is good)

4. fold up the bottom also about an inch. (I didnt' measure, just eyeballed it.)

5. pop open the envie and press at the bottom to make two points to get your bottom of the bag.

here it is from the side. I just press it with my fingers.

6. Next glue down the bottom flaps.

7. and have a bag-a-lope.

Side should decorate before folding if you are going to stamp on them.

For the lid I measured across the the top then cut a piece of card stock that width x 2 inches for the small bags glued them onto the back and folded them over. Stapled the tag onto the top to keep it closed after filling it.

It was a fun quick project (well aside from the whining etc-which did slow things down and was a joy kill), but after a bit it was a fun quick project.

Have a blessed day

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Tya said...

very CUTE Brooke! ;)