Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making cake...

have a 1/4 sheet baked, and 130 plus mini cupcakes ready to go for kids klub. I'm going to decorate the cupcakes once I get to the church so they will travel a little better. Today is our pastor's wife's birthday, so that is why all the cake. Been keeping busy. I have made 22 christmas cards, still more to go, but love that I have that much done, and I love love love how they turned out. Been thinking about teacher gifts for Christmas, one nice thing is having a different set of teachers each year, lets us make a similar gift with out it being a duplicate. So there will be more post-it note holders in the making, and a couple other things I have up my sleeve. So ready for the holidays. I am ready to get the trees up and decorate. I love the warmth of the season, the more than that what Christmas means to me as a Christian. It is just so cozy though, and I am anxious for that feeling. Jon thinks I am crazy, but maybe I can convince him that next week isn't too early.

I am getting ready to attempt to make a slip cover for my loveseat in the living room. I am inspired, adn's hoping it goes well.

hope you have a blessed day. I have dishes to do and icing to make.

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