Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday

okay its the wrong day for the song that set off in my head! It will be operation disinfect!!! And maybe if it doesn't rain and I get done (not likely) I'll put up the garland out front while it is still warmer. I really hate putting up garland in freezing weather!

I have photos to post, but I am on the wrong computer...so that'll be later. maybe even tomorrow.

I have been getting crafty...well making cards anyway. Made a few more sympathy cards so they are ready...we have some impending losses coming our way. =( and I made a couple baby cards I need to mail. And a thank you card.

I have also printed the front of Ryan's bday invitations. He told me he wants just like his cars party..Pizza and chips. and no party is complete without party hats...Sheesh he cracks me up.

Party theme is MARIO BROTHERS!!! He is so so so so so so excited.

I must sign off and say....commence operation disinfect....go go go go go!!!!

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