Friday, December 18, 2009

It's been a frugal Friday

I went to the grocery and saved 42% YAY. Very excited about this. I spent time going through the ad, and looking through my coupons as well as looking over my needs list. I did pick up a few things we didn't need just yet, but will need and they were on sale and I had a coupon. Better to save now I say. And the icing on the cake I remembered to take my grocery totes and produce bags!!! double YAY!!!

The kids got to pick out a movie from the movie store yesterday afternoon. Ryan chose a Mario video with different episodes on it, and Rebecca picked Barbie and the Musketeers. The Barbie movies are all so good. The kids really liked it. Ryan dressed up for his video...and for filling out his thank you notes this morning, actually he dressed up and didn't change until I made after lunch this afternoon so we could go to the grocery. I didn't want to take Mario with me, just Ryan. He even slept in the costume.

His thank you notes looked like this

and to go along with Frugal Friday I used some really old adhesive...I almost never use these mounts anymore, but for this it was perfect, these were quick cards and I know they won't be saved so why use my more expensive tape runners, when I have these sitting around not being here is the pile from removing the backs...part of the reason I never use these...what a pain

but mario was the cutest writing his name and making a heart on the cards.

I also mailed our Christmas cards today.

which is a cardlift from here except I don't have stampin up stamps so I subbed what I did have.
and to save my mailman from cursing me I took this pile to the post office myself.

Well, I hope you had a frugal Friday. I'm going to do some meal planning for next week.

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Chrispea said...

Your cards turned out cute, and your DS is just adorable in that Mario outfit! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!