Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I love Thursday

Maybe if I had a plan for blog posts I would do a better job.

so here are 10 things I love...

10.Baking (altho I am not fond of cleaning up the mess)

9. Skirts. I am totally loving wearing them...thank you Goodwill

8. Goodwill. Seriously where else can you go and get 6 brand new and gently used skirts for less than $20.

7. Aprons. I have been pouring over apron patterns and designs. I love the danty pretty trimmings. I like how they make me feel feminine

6. Mary Kay makeup. So glad I finally figured out how to wear eyeliner without looking like I have a black eye! Thank you Jennifer!!

5. Farm fresh eggs. Could make me want to have my own chickens (okay maybe not)

4. The way this little guy sleeps with his legs cute

3. That my little girl is a complete girly girl!! She is also loving skirts, probably mostly because I am.

2. My netbook, what a great just because gift from my hubby (whom I also love)

1. My Christmas tree. We had to go artificial because of our allergies, but I love this tree.

I hope you have a fabulous and blessed Thursday.

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