Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tired and not tired all at the same time.

Love that my netbook lets me be snuggled in bed and typing, surfing, or whatever.

so what do you do when your bananas look like this?

Well I don't know about you, but I do this

that would be some ready to go in the oven banana bread. It was delish too. We ate one of the small loaves. I have a photo of the baked bread, but it is still in my camera.

Had a busy day baking. French bread, banana bread, apple cake, and we were going to make cut out cookies, but the dough was dried out, so that is on the list for tomorrow.

oh, and in case you wondered, parchment paper will catch on fire. My bread didn't burn but the parchment paper did. I was smelling something, but at first couldn't figure it out, and then I thought maybe one of my loaves had fallen off the baking sheet, but no it was just the paper on fire. sheesh. Set off my smoke detector and everything, on the upside I don't have to wonder if the detector works.

My temper seems to be a little short fused. I'm not sure if it is hormones, stress, or maybe a combo. Hoping some prayer time with ease my temper.

Found out at bedtime we are out of night time pants. Not such a big deal for my boy since he hasn't been wearing them for a week or so anyway, and really hasn't needed them for a year (dont' get me started on what a waste of money that was), but my girl, well still having some trouble at night, and since the dr. isn't worried neither am I, however, no pull up means a wet bed sometime tonight. Altho in the last week she has been dry 6 mornings. YAY. My efforts to hopefully somewhat protect the bed etc. is panty, 2 tri folded washcloths and another pair of panties. She grimaced some at this, but without something to absorb some of the pee, she could flood the bed and the floor. She did potty before laying down, so hopefully we have a good dry night. If this works, I may try making her up some cloth pull ups for night time til this phase is over. might help her skin too. she is so sensitive.

Not sure if I posted that my boy had a good birthday, but he did. He was so excited about his presents. He is also looking forward to Christmas. I do love playing the "you better be good...I can call Santa card".

Ryan didn't want a big cake he wanted cupcakes, so that is what he got.

he got lots of legos, which he loves and has been building fun things!! he is very excited about his scooter, but the gift that took the cake was the one from mommy and daddy (which in my mind is how it should be) the imaginext dragon castle

followed by a close second with a gift from his sister the doctor kit,

Hope you have had a blessed day!!

Sweet dreams!

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