Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Since things never go as planned...

Here is a bit of a catching up post.

Ryan and I have been under the weather since last week...altho finally on the mend.

It is spirit week at Rebecca's school. Yesterday was hat day. Glad I had my lil point and shoot in my purse.

When she got home she was itching to make something so she helped make noodles, which turned out pretty well even though they look funny.

No pics of the finished product, but she gets to try them afterschool.

This morning has been a baking spree for me...I cooked the noodles, started some bread, and made flour tortillas from scratch. The bread dough is still rising, and the flour tortillas were super easy and delish. I had left over burrito mix from last nights freezer meal prep because I ran out of shells, now I can put another set in the freezer, but used a bit of the mix on a freshly made tortilla and wow was it good, way better than store bought.

Today for spirit day was stuffed animal day. I didn't get a pic with Rebecca and her animal because she forgot her animal and I had to take it to the school, so maybe this afternoon I can get it. However, we did do cute hair today. Actually, we toned down some serious curly frizziness. She slept on foam rollers which produced a really bad "annie" after lots of curling iron time and hairspray this is what we got.

Hope you are having a blessed day. I am off to do something fun while I wait for my bread dough to rise.


Miss Mustard Seed said...

What a cutie pie. And the home made tortillas look so yummy. Looks like a fun time. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Patsy said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your little girl is precious and what beautiful hair. Your cards in a previous post are so cute. I love making cards and papercrafts. Thanks again for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. have a blessed day!1