Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things I love Thursday

I like taking a day to focus on the things I love...

1. This window sticker I got for a mere $1 and how appropriate that it is snowing today.

2. I love how quickly her mood can change (okay sometimes I don't love it, but I do love that I caught it on film...err digital image.

3. I love how he played with the left over cookie dough that was too floury to use, but kept sneaking bites anyway...

4. I love this mouse for my netbook

5. I love my netbook, well, at least I really really like it...

6. I love the relationship these two have...I hope they are best friends forever.

7. I love Grandma. She is an amazing woman. She loves her family, all of us, even us that married in. You aren't in-laws you are family. She is an amazing cook, and incredibly generous. Everyone should be so lucky to have a grandma like her.

8. I love peppermint kisses...and even though I pay for eating them, they are so so good.

9. I love how the piano seems to call to me sometimes. I had a nice little time of worship all alone.

10. I love making cards. Here are my latest two creations.

I hope you have a blessed day

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