Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Snow day

that would be 2 in a row!!!

We have been playing mostly...okay really we've just been plain lazy, but everyone needs that once in awhile right!

The wind is howling here this morning!! Snow is falling and blowing!

Yesterday, while I was making supper, Jon shoveled the walks, and the kids played.

I have a couple kids who almost always smile at the camera (You'll see almost later)

I'm pretty sure daddy just threw a snowball at Rebecca

They had a lot of fun....until someone scratched someone else, and then that someone else got even by throwing snow in someone's face, which commenced much squawling, and resulted in it being time to come in...

SMILE!! okay just avoid the camera

but but but but wail....but but

boo hoo!!!

"I don't want to come inside, Becca did it first...

but I didn't do anything, Ryan...

So it was fun for alittle while.

Later I will have the easiest ever chicken and dumpling recipe.
Til then, stay warm and and have a blessed day!

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