Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Easiest Chicken and Dumplings Ever

We could certainly make this meal from scratch...or you can do it the easy way.

When I want a hearty super quick meal this is a go to meal. It also is easy to make for many. I feed my hubs band kids this meal during football season (prepared for 70 +). It is always a big hit, they ask for it!

I thought I took a picture of my hubs plate, but can't find it. Anyway, easy peasy, here you go. found the photo

Ingredients for 4-6 people

6 cups chicken broth
2 cans of instant biscuits
canned chicken. (I only use about half of this size can of chicken.)

yes that is really all you need.

boil the broth in a big pot. (big pot allows you to boil with out boiling over)

cut canned biscuits into 6 pieces. I cut them in half then in thirds

Drop them in the boiling broth, this will cook the "dumplings" and thicken the broth. It doesn't take long, they float and swell, then shrink back down as they cook.

add the chicken to heat through and serve.

We eat ours with mashed potatoes, and a veggie. We had broccoli and cauliflour. It is a no fail, always eaten meal at our house!

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