Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Favorites

is what you get when Things I love Thursday gets posted late.

First, I have to say that I was working on uploading my photos for this post and said, Aunt Tonya is going to want me to get this done, she likes to see what we are up to, and so does grandma for that matter. Rebecca (my little queen of questions) asked, "why does she want to know what we have been doing?" I told her because Aunt Tonya loves us. Her response, "oh, I love her too." Ryan(who up to this point looked more interested in a mario book and his cream of wheat than the goings on around him)says, "yeah, me too" It was a cute moment. (I would have taken a photo, but it was attached to my computer)

So decided to post a few favorite things from my kitchen. Later today I'll have an easy Taco Mac recipe (you can fool your biggest hamburger helper fans with this one, super easy and healthier because it won't have all those preservatives there are in hamburger helper, not to mention it tastes way better).

Now on to a few (ok 10) fave things.

1. First of all, I start every weekday morning with this, and sometimes the weekend too depending on how much time I have.

2, You might be wondering what I pour that black goodness into, okay probably not, but humor me okay.
I love this mug, more for the colors than the saying, but I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

3. And do I drink the goodness black...are you MAD?!?! BWWAAAAHHHHHAAAA!!! Good heavens no! I add splenda and creamer. This is my current creamer and my go to creamer, but during the holidays I like to buy other flavors to try.

4. Because I'm talking about breakfast. This is my fave hot breakfast cereal. My kids love it too. It takes like 2 minutes. I cook it in the microwave, top it with a little (or a Lot) of brown sugar and instant breakfast!

5. My favorite non dairy milk for cooking and cereal (I don't drink any of it)
is this hands down. The only thing I have found it didn't work for was tapioca pudding. Well, it doesn't really work for puddings at all. I made a chocolate pudding from scratch because I had a hunkering for pudding, well it never set up, it was chocolate soup...the flavor was amazing though...I digress.

6. My favorite biscuits are homemade, but I really like things to be quick and easy. I always have some of this flour on hand. Seriously, best biscuits ever and the recipe is right on the bag. I get this at my Kroger, but Meijer carries it too.

One recipe makes 12 2inch biscuits. The recipe is simple.

2 cups self rising flour
1/4 c. shortening
2/3-3/4c buttermilk (now I use the rice milk above)

cut shortening into flour til lumps are pea size. Add milk a little at a time til forms dough and leaves sides of bowl. turn onto floured service. Roll to 1/2 in thick and cut using floured biscuit cutter.
Bake at 450 (it says 500, but I never have done this) for 8-10 minutes.

serve with favorite butter and jellies...YUM-O

7. I have a favorite salt, which may sound strange, but I prefer sea salt to table salt. More flavor with less. I get it at Jungle Jims and it lasts a long time.

8. I served spaghetti at Ryan's birthday party and everyone loved it. I was kind of surprised because I honestly thought it was hard to mess that meal up, apparently I was wrong. One thing I ALWAYS do is use Angel hair Pasta. That nasty spaghetti they served it school turned me off the bigger spaghetti. My other secret for a fast meal (I fry up my hamburger when I get home from the store and put it in the freezer--grab and go) Okay, but the real secret it this. It is the only kind I use,with all the allergies at our house I know it is safe so I don't change. We love it!

9. My favorite OJ is this kind. Yes I like pulp in my juice...quit gagging sis!! I like this kind because it doesn't seem as acidic so I can drink a lot of it without heartburn. I actually like Simply Orange too, but it is a lot more expensive.

10. My favorite snack had tons of benefits...healthy oils, spices to kick up your metabolism, and it is spicy enough that a little goes a long way. They are however addictive, so that little turns into too many, but they are so so so so so good.
I have to get them at Jungle Jim's too, but it is so worth it, Walmart used to carry them, but has quit. Seriously, where else can you get a snack to satisfy crunchy, salty, spicy cravings.

So, those are 10 thing in my kitchen I love.

Have a blessed day!

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