Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes Mondays are OK

like today because we had several snowdays over the last couple weeks and today was the beginning of being back to normal!! YAY

Just a quick little post. My kids love smarties, and here in the US that is a sugar-y pale colored candy with very little flavor, but I like them anyway.

However in Canada and in England and I'm sure in other places Smarties are something completely different. They are more like M&M's.

So I compared our M&Ms to Smarties and this is what I found.

Smarties come in a fun brightly colored container.

I like the color of the smarties better than M&Ms too

They are made my Nestle, M&M's are made by Mars

Smarties are bigger

And the most important thing. Smarties taste better than M&M's

So that is my review.

Hope you had a blessed day

disclaimer: all remarks are my only my opinion

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