Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How do you say Dessert

So Ryan comes up to the kitchen and says can I have some "Behzert" with chocolate syrup.

I offer him a banana and a some choc syrup to dip it in and then it goes something like this:

RY: I love "behzert"

ME:"Bubs, it's a "D" duh duh duh (as in the sound d makes)

RY: D D D D D duh duh duh duhzzzzzzert like where lizards live

ME: no not desert, DUH ZERT like sweet stuff you eat.

RY: oh duhzert duhzert duhzert Bon jour

ME: Bon jour?

RY: yeah that's how you say hi in french

I just laughed and ate a banana too.

of course he then had to get every last drop of chocolate out of the bowl

Hope you have a blessed day. My little guy has already has blessed mine.

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