Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Monday

We had a great day!! Playdate and Kids Klub planning. Amber, Caleb, Levi, and Maddie came to play! Rebecca is such a good little helper. She loves Maddie and was thrilled to get to help keep an eye on her. She loves babies. I think I'll have a good little babysitter when she is older if her love of babies stays. I remember being that way as a child.

First day of Spring break for Rebecca, but we still had to get up early because I had to have my picture taken at work. I was nominated as a wellness champion for this quarter. Kids and I are "camping" out in the family room tonight. figured it was a good time to get that out of the way. It is fun for the kids and so that is what matters.

My boy has grown like crazy this week. His pants and shoes are too small. Seriously, things he wore last weekend no longer fit. So we went shopping, and in true male fashion, he was over it pretty quick. He did however get some pants that fit!! and some new shoes.

Hoping to do some other fun things this week. We are sad Jon isn't on spring break too, so its just me and kiddos, but we will make do.

Hope you have had a blessed day!

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