Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Thursday already....where did the week go?

this has been spirit week at Rebecca's school. Today is mismatch day, and she had no interest in things being all mismatched. Now on non mismatch days sometimes she puts some interesting things together as outfits, but today she is wearign her blue butterfly shirt with light denim capris that have blue embroidered butterflies on them...go figure. Her hair is super cute today if I say so myself. I tried to talk her into mismatched hair and she wouldn't have it. So I french braided both sides and then flipped up the tails...cute cute cute

now I wanted to add some cute things to the bottom of the little flips, but she didn't want that either...

And because the kids are always making silly faces at the camera...

Have a blessed day!

I'm going to be busy cleaning cleaning cleaning. I am almost done with my spring cleaning YAY

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