Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I know it has been awhile

but it has been a bit busy around here. Last week was crazy. I lost a day because I worked night shift over the weekend, so my week didn't start til Tuesday. On Wed. we had Kids Klub, On Thurs. my mom has surgery, on Friday the kids spent the night at their grammie and ho ho papaws, so we were there for a bit, and then I worked the weekend. Daylight savings time stinks. That loss of the hour was actually wasn't as bad this year as in the past, but I was pretty lazy yesterday.

On Mondays, Rebecca brings home her Monday folder, which contains her work from last week. Couple of things, she missed some answers on her homework, you know those pages I helped her with...sheesh, guess I need to go back to first grade, except I'm certain that some of the stuff she is doing in first grade I didnt' do until much later, like 3rd grade. Either way, I guess I need to do a better job at helping her.

Secondly, I love phonics. She wrote a story about making gingerbread cookies at school. Her teacher took a picture (YAY) so this is totally going to be a scrapbook page, but here is what her story said I'll put the correct spellings in parenthesis.

Before cresmes(christmas) we made girl and boy gingerbread. First we dekerend (decorated) Senkent (second) we put the ising (icing) on top. I put on hot sinomen(cinnamon). I liked making them. My girl was butefol (beautiful). I mend (made) a girl. It was butefole (beautiful). My girl was good to eat. i ate it in the school. It was good. Do you like gingerbread girls?

Now how sweet is that.

Now over -------> is a button about the scrap olympics that I am participating in, and I am so honored and excited to share that I took 3rd place in the best sketch category with this layout.

It really did just come together, and I completely believe that the stickles did the trick in making it complete.

I also entered this layout into the double page contest

I am happy to be actually creating!!

Sometimes when I have my devotions it really sticks with me all day. Something I read this morning as been mulling over and over in my mind. The scripture was Galations 5:6, but its part b of the verse that has been continually mulling around. the only thing that counts is faith working(or made effective) through love.

The verse not really anything to mull maybe, but the commentary that went with it that said this, "because faith expresses itself through love, you can check your love for others as a way to monitor your faith."

I just don't know if I agree with that statement. Sometimes I don't feel very loving toward others, but I'm not sure I think it is a lack of faith. I'm just going to have to pray about that, and mull it over some more.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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