Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love my son's imagination

he is playing with some of his daddy's old toys in the kitchen this morning. A fisher price jeep, trailor and tent.

I remember playing with these very toys at Dixie's when I was little. He also has a cocacola semi with an old style soda machine

which he pretended was a drive thru..."I'd like 6 nuggets with apple dippers and a milkshake please." (in a different voice) "would you like anything else" (regular voice) "no that'll be all" (diff voice) that'll be $5 please pull on up"...

so I am thinking he knows this all too well except the cost...altho its close.

He is so fun to watch while he is playing. He sings and talks and uses a ton of different voices. Uses different toys together. In fact, Luigi is driving the jeep.

I was concerned a little when I pulled him from preschool, but I have so enjoyed this time of having him home with me. Next year that will be over has my "baby" enters the world of school.

When they are babies it is hard to imagine that you will blink and school will be here, but it has happened. I am so blessed.

Rebecca is again for the 3rd time this year the "paw-some" student this week. They honor someone each week for "paws-itive" behavior. She is such a good student. She is excelling in reading. I think we are going to have to work math a little more, but she was one of only 3 from her class to get 100% on a science project!! I'm so proud of my girl.

The windows are open, I took down the winter decor outside. Our windows are covered in shamrocks and pots of gold. I am so ready for spring! The birds are chirping...that is such a sweet sound. God is so good and so amazing. I can see his hand everywhere I look.

Have a blessed day!

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