Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roller Skating!

So the kids got skates for Valentines Day. They have loved it!! So here are some photos of the fun. You will notice Ryan adds gloves to his ensemble. He was sure that gloves were the answer to keep him from falling down.

We have a white board in our kitchen for the kids to draw on and Ryan drew a Submarine the other day and it was really well done, so here it is.

The best part about the drawing though is Ryan. I tell him he did a nice job and he says, "Well, it IS a masterpiece."

(there is always a lot of laughing at our house.

Today was crazy. My mom went to the hospital for a gall bladder attack. She is home and sore. Surgery will be next week sometime. It was one of those days when you hurry up and wait!! Or in my case, change your clothes several time and try to get good hair so you are presentable to go to the hospital, then give up and shower and start over! I am not a fan of how I handled my stress today. I am so over doing my hair!

Hope you had a blessed day!

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