Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

It has been a busy morning already.

bathroom is clean
kitchen clean (swept and mopped)
laundry going on 2nd load already
we have had a breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast, yogurt)
lunches were packed
Jon and Rebecca are at school

and I would say that was a pretty productive couple hours.

I am on the wrong computer to upload photos, but I do have a couple to share later

I am so NOT the one to ask about organization. My sister would be much better for that, however there are some things (okay one or two) I do regularly and do well. It is funny most people would think I'm super organized, like those I work with, or those not in my family and because people thought that I actually tried to live up to that image. A couple weeks ago I finally admitted to myself that I am not that person and it is okay. I have been more organized sense. Kind of ironic that when I was trying to be organized I failed miserably all the time, but when I just went with who I really am things fell into place.

We have a lot of cords. cell cord, computer cords, ds cords, headphones, earbuds, zune cords, well that would leave a mess on my table, so I got a basket and put it in our kitchen cabinet and even tho the cords may be a tangled mess in the basket (because I could be all OCD about that, but then I am cranky) they are at least not all over my kitchen table.

I also keep a tub of clorox or similar wipes in the bathroom. I can quickly wipe out the sink and wipe off the commode daily or more than that and it makes the weekly cleaning so much easier.

During the winter my hands get really dry. I use lotion a lot, but it doesn't always help. I love Mary Kay's Satin hands, and it is great to just use as is, but I have found that I can apply the emolient cream put on disposable gloves then put on my cleaning gloves and do the dishes. The warmth from the water helps warm up the cream to really penetrate my dry skin. Then when the dishes are done I finish the satin hands treatment.

I have been working to stay on top of the laundry. I have a sorter in our laundry room with 3 bins (whites, reds/pink/orange/purple, tan/brown/green/blue/denim/etc and an extra hamper for towels/sheets. I have been trying to bring the laundry down to the room daily and sort it, then anytime I can toss in a load. Doing at least a load a day has made laundry more manageable. Now if I could just find a little fairy to put the clothes away!!

I have a file box where I keep all of the papers Rebecca brings home from school. It is where they go after I have gone through them, which is something I do as soon as we get home. They are all together and then in the summer we will go through them together and pick a few to keep and then recycle the rest. Right now she wants to keep every single page, but by summer those that were so important won't be as much so and she can help choose which ones are her favorites or her best work. It keeps that paper clutter down.

I have also been sorting the mail the minute I bring it in. No need to clutter my table to show my hubs that we had junk mail.

What are some of your organizational tips and tricks. I have found you just have to find what works for you and if it isn't your personality to be overly organized it is okay!

Looking forward to working on some cards and layouts for the scrap olympics and since I have things picked up, I won't feel guilty!

I'll add photos later to this post. Hope you have a blessed day!

oh and before I go a little funny to brighten your day

this morning Ryan came in to our room and got in bed with us, on the edge beside me. When Jon's alarm went off it startled me and pushed Ryan off the bed. He fell and said, "WHOA!!! shoo I am sure glad the floor caught me!" It was so cute and a great funny way to start our morning.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

You've accomplished a lot already today! No wonder, because you're so organized :)