Thursday, April 8, 2010

It has been one hour...

And I would say it was a productive we go.

1. cleaned the to bottom, tub, mirror, sink, toilet.

2. did the dishes...which took a little longer because I had to clean the George Foreman grill. Cleaning that thing is what I dislike the most. It always makes a mess, grease underneath it and such. When we got married we had a cheap little hamilton beach grill and the plates were removable and completely submersible and it didn't leak grease everywhere and I don't remember what happened to it, but it wouldn't be big enough now anyway....I digress

3. folded a load of towels/washcloths and put them away

4. sorted all the dirty laundry

5. put bath rugs and towels in the wash

6. set the dryer to dewrinkle some clothes I let sit too long

7. put away a basket of clean clothes

8. put away Jon's sweaters for the summer

9. held my son for a couple minutes after he fell and hurt his bottom

10. made all the beds

11. cleaned off the stovetop

12. put away all the hanging clothes (I tend to leave them hanging in the laundry room instead of in our closets...)

13. made icees for me and Ryan because he asked for them

14. Cleaned out the cookie jar so we can put Easter candy in it.

15. Set out a roast for supper and made a plan for supper (roast, artichokes, asparagus, and sweet potatoes)

16. sat down to type this out.


Tonya said...

Don't let your energy go to waste or your cleaning to stop at your house, 403 E. Franklin Street could use some attention:)

Tonya said...

I want an icee machine, what kind do you have and where oh where did you get it?

Brooke said...

it is a Rival and I think I got it at Kmart. Kmart's syrups are way way better!!! than any place else I have found. It is about time for them to be out...