Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kindergarten Sign up

Today I took Ryan to sign him up for kindergarten...He is SO SO SO SO excited!!! He wants to start tomorrow! Ha Ha!! The theme this year was saddle up and they had a western Dora the Explorer.

this would be a picture of the picture they took of him! ha ha!!

He got his library card, and he was thankful his shots were already done. He got a new book and some crayons.

When he got his shots on Wednesday we went to the health department for them and he was so cute, "please tell me I don't need a shot, please tell me I don't need a shot" I was thinking, no you don't need "a" shot, you need 4, but I didn't tell him that. He got a school box, crayons, eraser, glue and a toothbrush as a treat after those shots.

It is exciting and somewhat sad all at the same time that come this fall both of my kids will be in school all day!

It hit me just the other day that Rebecca will be 7 in just over a month. It feels like that is old. ha! Some how saying I have a 5 and 6 year old, makes me still think little kid, but 5 and 7 just seems so different. It is as if I realized my little girl is growing up and I can do nothing about it. It was just a strange realization, a 7 year!

Have a blessed weekend!

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Tonya said...

He's going to be a hoot in school, I'd love to be a fly on the wall in his classroom. Time truly does fly doesn't it, your babies are growing up!!!