Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Oh how I love Mondays. It is my recoop day! Last week was a bit of a blur. There was a lot going on, but I also felt a little under the weather. Isn't it funny how sometimes you don't realize how bad you feel until you feel better. At least that happens to me a lot. I think that is because I do my best to not give in to what ever ails me. I had a good weekend at work. I lost a day this week though because I worked nights last weekend and days this weekend. Not a big deal though.

So I realize this morning that Rebecca's teacher's birthday was last week and she was gone, so I had plenty of time to come up with a gift...umm...oops, notice I remembered it this morning. FAIL!! ha! Sometimes it pays to be crafty. I didn't get a pic because this was seriously last minute, but here is what I did.

First of all, for last minute gifts I recommend visiting the Dollar Tree (everything is $1) and getting a ton of different sized gift bags for all occasions. I had a small birthday bag that was the perfect size. GO ME!! ha!

I had also hit the 5 for $5 at bath and body for the little hand sanitizers. Seriously also something else you should stock up on, perfect cute little size. I had also purchased a few of the holders for them. YAY. So I stuck a jap cherry blossom sanitizer and a holder in the bag.

I then was on the hunt for a candle because normally I have a ton of them just around thanks to the warm glow candle factory. I love to stock up, however, I could find none! In my hunt I found a bottle of purell hand sanitizer. A big bottle. So my mind went I can make this work!

I removed the labels, used a little goo gone to get rid of the sticky. washed the bottles with dishsoap (okay this is a total aside, but it is funny, every time I try to type bottle I type bottom and then have to go fix it. I don't know why but it keeps happening. ha!)

okay back to my story. I washed the bottle (did it again) off and dried it and headed to my craft space. I pulled out some rub-ons (which are exactly what they sound like, little images or letters etc, that you place on something then rub the backing and it adheres it to what ever you placed it on). I used a row of flowers down the left side of the bottle (grr!) and put her teachers last name down the right side and a little cluster on the back !!! super cute and all using stuff I had. I'll hunt for another bottle and see if I can do a similar one to post. I think I will be stocking up on some more bottles (oh dear) of sanitizer too, or handsoap...these could be a lot of fun to make for gifts, particularly if they are more thought out than the quickie job I did this morning.

So, hope you had a good weekend. I am going to start some laundry and do some dishes, and then have school with Ryan. I need to make a menu plan for this week, and oh there is always something to do. ha!

Have a blessed day!

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Tonya said...

I'm so not getting what you did with the big bottle of sanitizer, you gave the teacher a big bottle and a little bottle of sanitizer and instead of the bottle (bottom :) saying Purell it had pretty rub-ons on it???