Monday, April 26, 2010

So to clear things up a bit...

I took some pictures of a similar project to the big sanitizer bottle. To clarify, I only decorated the large bottle because the little bottle from bath and body was just for her, I figured the bigger bottle could be used in the classroom.

Anyway, the finished product looks like this

So I started by taking a regular new sanitizer bottle.

and removing the label

I took some goo gone and cleaned off the sticky residue from the labels

then I took a rub-on

and the applicators, which really can be a simple popsicle stick.

then I cut out the rub on I wanted because if you don't cut out the one you want others might accidentally transfer onto your project causing a lot of frustration and heartache, not that I know anything about that ha!

place the rub on where you want it and then rub...

I would practice if this is your first time using rubons because sometimes they don't entirely transfer, so lift up the corner gently and check, you can always lay it back down and rub it some more.

Then admire your handy work!!

On an entirely different note...

Today I received the bible study leaders guide in the mail. I am very excited about the study. I am anxious to know who will be in my group so I can begin praying for them by name. I feel completely inadequate, but it's not about me. I'm ready for the structure a bible study provides. I like that it makes me accountable. My days quickly slip by me and the Bible study helps me focus and spend time in God's word. I was blessed just by the introduction to the study and I think it will be great!

I also got today a couple new devotionals for our children. I have one I think we can do before bed and another we can do in the mornings before school. I think it will be a great way to start our days! I wasn't expecting them until at least Wednesday, so I was super excited to see the UPS guy today!

Have a blessed evening!

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Tonya said...

Super cute idea, now I get it. I might have to buy some rub-ons just to have around, are they pretty good about staying on? cute, cute, cute