Thursday, April 15, 2010

Okay this is completely embarrassing,..

but point in claiming I am something I am not. I lived years fooling myself into believing I was an amazing house keeper, when in fact I just rushed from clean up job to clean up job, never really maintaining anything. I have done better as I have gotten older. So on my cleaning adventure the other day this is what I did. In a mere 2 hours and some interruptions...

Kids bedroom before, this doesn't give an accurate show of the mess, but it was by far the room that was done the quickest

and after...

Next I moved in to my room...sigh is all I can say. It quickly becomes a mess...a catch all you could say. I am hoping to keep it as it is now...but seriously who am I kidding. Altho I do think I slept better last night than I have in a week so maybe the decluttering made the difference.

and after...

and as an added bonus I cleaned out the closet...

and then there were the dishes...that is almond butter in my food processor from that morning, but it looks gross ha!

and then there all the dishes I need to put away before I can start the dishes in the sink...

I told you I hate to do dishes right..ha! and here is my counter after the dishes are done...notice I didnt' dry them and put them away...I was conserving that time for other jobs...ha! ha!

I cleaned the bathroom, which wasn't much, picked up that mornings towels, and did the regular cleaning, toilet, sink, tub, mirror...


Then there is the kitchen table. I dont' even know what to say about the table. It is like a magnet or something...reaching out as you walk by...begging for things to be piled on it, and we oblige it very well...

and after and no I didn't throw everything on the bench just to take the picture..ha ha!

and then there is the living room. Also a place that catches a lot of stuff, mostly because we don't spend a lot of time in there, and those piles from the kitchen table usually land on my couch so we can have supper at the table...sigh I know it is sad, but it is honest. I often say I am going to do better, but I get a new magazine or a child wants to play or read, well those things win out too often.

and after and even a day later (I took this photo this afternoon)

So there it is, my deep dark secret, my house is a mess a lot, but I can fix it up pretty well in about 2 hours.

The kids picked up the family room and vacuumed it, and I didn't get pics, but mostly that was toys and the occasional drink box. There are worse things.

Do I wish my house was perfect all the time, well duh! of course, and I dont' like it when it is crazy like it was, and I really like it when things are all picked up like they are now, but sometimes I just don't want to do it! I've learned it isn't fatal! I am no less a mom, a wife, or a person because of it, and really who cares. Things are clean just cluttered!

So there it is my 2 hour house clean-over and if you are going to come by to see my house please make an appointment, but you are welcome to stop by anytime unannounced if you are coming just to see us! ha!

have a blessed day!

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