Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday

most people are excited it is Friday because that means the weekend, well for me it means I'll be going to work tomorrow, so I don't really get excited about Fridays anymore Ha!

I am however excited about a few other things. Yesterday Rebecca was one of the kids chosen to go to Young Authors (which she constantly pronounced arthur) She had a great time was able to meet a real author Lester Laminack and I believe he read them a story. Rebecca learned he used to be a teacher and was the only one willing to pull out loose teeth! She got a ribbon bookmark and a t-shirt. She even wrote her own book and illustrated it(not her strong suit) and shared it in a small group. She admitted to being a bit nervous about it, but in the end did great.

Yesterday the sky was gorgeous...

I was compelled to take that picture after capturing a glimpse of the sky when I took these photos of our crabapple tree.

Rebecca's Tulips are blooming. I love that there is one red one among all the pink and white.

Last night I gave Rebecca $1 because she had been such a good helper on Wednesday in the family room. She helped put away the few things that had landed on the kitchen table (it's a magnet I tell you) and she set the table for supper. She cleaned of the supper dishes and then did the dishes. (with a little help) Now you might think a child eager to do the dishes would make a mama that hates to do dishes happy beyond words, but know what I hate more than just doing the dishes myself...rewashing the dishes the kids do...ha! She wanted to rinse them too, but that was my way of making sure they were actually clean. She did a pretty good job. Ryan was mad he didn't get to help so I told him he could do the breakfast dishes. Honestly, this morning I had forgotten that, but he had not, he even told his daddy, "I get to do the dishes this morning!!" in a very happy excited voice! So I ran a little dish water, washed all the breakables and gave a quick once over to the other stuff because really a 5 yr old doesn't understand the whole, get it clean thing. He really was more interested in playing the in water. He did however do a pretty good job.

he even wiped off the bench and counter and stovetop

He asked if he could play outside, which of course unless it is freezing or storming is always a good idea. So he has been riding his scooter, and playing ball.

Right now he is playing in the sandbox. I need to go get some shots of that! He loves the sandbox. He is singing and pretending. I love listening to him.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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