Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still sick....

My girl is still sick. I thought she would go to school today, but she was coughing so much that I decided to keep her home half day. I called the school and told them as much, and then the little booger literally, just as I hung up the phone, walks into the kitchen and thanks to her rosy cheeks I can tell she is now running a fever. BOO!! So no school, and no Kids Klub. We ran to the store because we were all but out of cold/cough medicine, she rode in the cart because she looked pitiful, and that kept the coughing contained to our stuff. ha! Ryan was jealous and acted out a bit at the store, but it happens I guess. So once she was medicated she started to act better with in the hour and had been good until about 5:30. She started rosy cheeks, watery eyes and general look of not feeling well...100.7 temp. sigh. Guess I'll call the doctor tomorrow. She was mad at me for not letting her go to school. Mad, like frowny face, and stomping feet mad. Sheesh! What's a mom to do. Ha!

I worked in the yard today. I worked on the bed by our screened in porch and pulled all the weeds. laid down newspaper and new mulch. I put window boxes down there with fresh new garden soil and I have planted, onions, radishes, beets, lettuce, parsley, and rosemary. I also worked by our shed and it looks fabulous! I have the pots ready for tomato plants, which I will probably pick up tomorrow if I take peanut to the doctor. The beds look so much better, and it really didn't take as much time as I thought it would. I want to get the other bed by the garage all cleaned out and evened out and ready for cucumbers and zucchini. I am doing all my gardening in pots d/t to our lack of space!

So that was about our day. Rebecca is again feeling better because she is playing but complaining about a sore throat and ouchy nose, a headache and has a nasty nasty cough.

Have a blessed evening.

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