Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time flies so fast...

This week is half over already. Monday was spent trying to sleep with very little success. Rebecca had a spring program Monday. She did a great job! She sang a solo and was suppose to do 2 verses and a little boy in her class was to do the other 2 verses, he didn't come to the program so she sang the whole thing herself. We were so proud of her, she hadn't practiced the other verses she read them during the program. Way to Go Rebecca!!

Tuesday was hair day! I got it it. I've tried to get some photos without a lot of luck, but will keep trying. We had Pizza King pizza (which hands down the best pizza...and expensive, but so so good) and we went to the library. Ryan was a little high strung, but we had a good day.

Today I have been working on Kids Klub stuff and have things printed out to give to each station leader. I have a few projects left to work on, but I'll need to be at church for those because I'll need the copy machine.

Been really being convicted about something recently and so has my husband so there is certainly no question God is working in our lives. In spending this time getting ready for kids klub I am going to be making up some Bible lesson things for my kids. We say prayers and have a Bible story at night, but I want more for our kids. I (we) want them to have a strong foundation and so we are going to be taking some steps to help make that happen.

I also have decided to start school back up for Ryan. I stopped because he is so smart I was afraid he would be bored next year in kindergarten. I've decided I shouldn't squelch his desire to learn so we are picking back up tomorrow with a schedule that will include school time. He has been asking to learn to read, so who am I to say no to that!

Hope you are having a blessed day!

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