Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Thursday and almost party time!

So today I am going to clean like mad because we will be having company tomorrow for Rebecca's birthday. Sadly several family members have other commitments, but it will still be a great time! Because of our decreased number, we are going to be able to use our living room, it will be crowded, but will save the great grandparents from having to navigate the steps to the family room. We planned to have it outside, but it is suppose to thunderstorm, and at a minimum rain most of the day tomorrow. BOO!
We were going to grill out, but that plan was foiled, so the back up plan is pizza!
So I will also be decorating for the party!

My mother's day gifts came this week. Jon let me pick what I wanted and then also suprised me with something very sweet. I got ink and paper from stampin up

The very sweet thing they got me was this...

that would be my fake cheese. I had been hungry for cheese, and when you have a milk allergy cheese is a big no no! I had been out of my fake cheese for a good while, and was really starting to crave it. Jon and the kids made the trip to the place to get it for me. So sweet and thoughtful. I had a grilled fake cheese sandwich last night and it was so so so good, at least to me!

I updated our wreath on our front porch this week.

I loved the light pink, but once it was on the wreath it doesn't show up very well. I'm going to have to do a drive by the front of the house to get a good feel for it. I probably should have bought yellow flowers and may have to change it, but I saw a wreath made like this at Hobby Lobby and loved it immediately! So I gave it a go.

I have been making a ton of cards and I can't remember if I have posted any of these, but here they are. The stamps are from The Stamps of Life and I love them! My valentine gift was the club membership! So I get stamps automatically every month, it was a valentines gift that just keeps giving! Love that!

and these two are my favorite, well actually the stamped one is my fave!! the buttons are cute too, tho.

Wow this is one photo heavy post.

Rebecca wanted to play in my make up one day, so I let her choose the colors and we had a little make up party...Wow is all I can say! I have a palette with the rainbow of colors which is the only reason I own these colors, I don't actually wear these colors...particularly not like this ! ha! also not the best pic...but it is what I have...

My little artist has been busy recently. This is a space robot wearing roller skates...

So that should just about catch us up from the past few weeks in photos. Now I have got to get busy or my house still won't be ready for the party.

I think when I make the Angel food cake I may take photos, it is so yummy, you'll never buy it from the store or in a box again!

Have a blessed day!

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