Friday, June 18, 2010

Food Friday

This week for food Friday is another favorite candy of mine. I have loved this candy for as long as I can remember. Now it is more readily available, but I remember it being at special places, like the when we were on vacation and at a candy shop.

It is Rock Crystal Candy

and again I pick up the red/pink/purple candies.

Wikipedia says this
Rock candy (also called rock sugar) is a type of confectionery mineral composed of relatively large sugar crystals. The candy is formed by allowing a supersaturated solution of sugar and water to crystallize onto a surface suitable for crystal nucleation, such as a string or stick. Heating the water before adding the sugar allows more sugar to dissolve and thus produces larger crystals. Crystals form after 6-7 days.

The part I like the least about about rock candy is the stick. I really dislike biting into wood. Altho the rock candy on a string is worse. I usually put my rock candy in a bag and beat it off the stick so I can eat it without the wood. I know I'm weird.

Do you have a favorite sugary candy?

Have a blessed day!

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Tonya said...

No, I don't have a favorite sugary candy, I usually go straight for the chocolate!!! Bad huh? I'm learning so much about you, I had no idea you enjoyed rock candy.