Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What we're up to Wednesday

So it wasn't as crazy a week as last week, but we did manage to do quite a bit.

On Thursday we went to the Cincy Zoo, and the highlight for the kids was getting their faces painted. I took progressive pictures of each of them.

I have full intentions of posting them, but for some reason they won't upload right now.

We also went to Jungle Jim's and got some fun goodies.

Friday seems to elude me at this moment. ha!

I of course worked the weekend. One day in Oncology, and one day in the crazy house (that would be my affectionate name for Gero psychiatry).

Monday Rebecca and I headed to Richmond to get some thing we needed. New swings for the swing set, and somethings for an upcoming camping excursion. Then we had some fun girl time with our pedicures. I really thought they did a great job working on my girl, but I have to say my polish is already chipped (boo) and so maybe we will try someplace new next time. Tuesday was filled with lots and lots of laundry. Jon had band practice with the community band he performs with, and of course there were a few thunderstorms. ha! I'll attempt to upload the pictures again later. Recently, i've been having some trouble uploading pics, so I just usually have to try multiple times.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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