Monday, June 7, 2010

Made it Monday

So, we made gifts for the principal and the school secretary because they are very important to the school and making it run smoothly. I wasn't sure how they felt about eating food (flower pots from Friday) made at someone's home, although from their reaction of seeing them, I think they would have indulged. (I'll tuck that nugget of info back for next year!) Anyway I bought Lindor truffles, which are heavenly!!

(I remembered the picture after I had emptied the bag)

I bought a couple inexpensive summer cups from walmart.

added a little white paper grass (which walmart carries year around in the card section)

then added the truffles. I bought the mixed bag.

used shrink wrap to cover it. and the hair dryer to shrink it up.

then use some coordinating ribbon to tie around the top in a bow and voila! you have an adorable gift that was super easy!

Have a blessed day!

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Tonya said...

these are too cute! I actually bought 4 really cute coffee mugs at the Family Dollar over the weekend with the same thought in mind