Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tidy Tuesday

So the plan had been to clean house like mad yesterday, but you know how sometimes things never go as planned! Well, I went to bed Sunday night not feeling very good and ended up spending the night in the recliner instead of bed. boo! Then in the morning laid in bed for a good bit til my little man got up. Rebecca decided spending the day with her daddy at school working with the band kids to clean the band room was better than staying home. Lucky for me Ryan slept in til after 8 am. We got up and tho I still felt like someone had punched me in the stomach I ate breakfast and felt better. Did a little bit of housework, then my lack of sleep caught up with me. It ended up being a very lazy lazy day. In the afternoon I felt quite a bit better, but wore out easily, so I did dishes in stages, and a load of laundry. Not the overhaul I had been planning. So on the docket for Tidy Tuesday is a major cleaning job! Think we will do one room at a time and see how it goes. I want to get the kids room re organized. too many things have migrated to their room from the family room and we need to remedy that. I also want to get the night stands and book shelf emptied and wiped down. I figure baseboards are something for the kids to wipe off!! I will be using some new cleaning products.

Basic H2 is by Shaklee and it is natural and nontoxic and very effective. I can give the kids a rag with this on it and not worry about their sensitive skin. Love that! I have had it for at least 2 weeks now and I have to say I am really like the new cleaning products. Also the Shaklee laundry soap. I have been making my own laundry soap for about a year and recently we have had weird grease spots on our knits and dingy whites. I tried oxiclean and other laundry boosters without success. I finally did find out that if I pretreated with shout or spray and wash, then washed with store purchased soap the spots came out, but the price we then paid was itchy itchy skin. All four of us had been itching terribly. I decided to try the Shaklee laundry soap and love that it too is natural and nontoxic without all the stuff we don't really need on our skin and it cleans amazingly and we aren't itching!!! Jon even said he hasn't been itching as much. we still have some clothes that haven't been washed in the new soap, but it won't be long and everything will be shaklee fresh! I have worked really hard at not going all crazy about the products right away, I do by my nature usually go 1000% at something new and love it only to be disappointed. One of the things I am loving about the laundry soap is you can use the liquid as a pretreater. I only have the liquid right now, but I'm going to switch to the powder to save some money, but anyway, Jon got something from his horn on his white dress shirt,and this has ruined a many of his shirts. No matter what I had tried nothing would get the stain out. Shaklee liquid laundry soap took it right out. I mean I put a little on the spot, spritzed it with water and rubbed it and it was gone, just that easy. I couldn't believe it! Disadvantage to Shaklee is you have to order it online through a distributor, kind of like melaleuca, but I have found a very kind and helpful distributor for shaklee and so it is not really a disadvantage for me at all. I'll let you know if I continue to really like the products. So far though, I can't complain at all! And the fact that we are not itching is BIG! If you want you can check out some info on Shaklee here.

Hope you have a blessed and tidy Tuesday!

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