Monday, June 14, 2010

Made it Monday

So, what did I make today, I made my bed ha! but you don't really want to see that right. I haven't made anything crafty this week, I did no cards, no scrapbooking, no sewing, no art, nada! I made a trip to Jungle Jim's for some new cheese, sadly my milk allergy is in a big uproar, and all that cheese my sweet husband bought me I can't have right now because it has some casein in it, so I had to get some Vegan cheese. I made some great memories with my kidlings this week. I made some delish toast from some cinnamon bread that is all gone, which I am kind of sad about. I made a lot of people laugh at work this weekend because I was a bit silly due to a lack of sleep. I also made a few confused patients very mad. oops! I made my lunch both saturday and sunday mornings so I could take it to work and not worry about my allergies, and I made a super cute purchase. It is a bag that is adorable with a capital A and it is insulated. The girl actually laughed at me because of my excitement. And since, I know you are dying for a photo of some kind you have to see my cute new bag.

and the price was great. under $20. It will be perfect for keeping some snacks cool, and carrying all our goodies while we are at Holiday world, and on vacation!!! yay!!

and I also plan to make a few recipes from this book this week

I finally found the Sucanat I need for some of the recipes.

So, altho it wasn't the Made it Monday I intended...I did make a lot of things Ha!

have a blessed day!

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