Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Toes!!

Well, instead of my "planned" or not yet planned post ha!! I decided to show my toes. Are you excited or what!! I took Rebecca for her very first pedicure last night and they were so good with her. She chose flourescent hot pink, and mommy was so thankful even though I said I would get the same color as her, that she agreed to let me choose my own color. ha! We had a great mommy and daughter evening out! I was so concerned with them being gentle with her I forgot to get her picture in the chair, but I did get our toes when we got home. The pumice stone over her feet was hysterical! She laughed so hard, the guys doing our feet got tickled.

The picture doesn't really do the wow factor of her toe color justice. I will attempt to get a better photo.

Hope you have a blessed day!

Oh and yes my daughter is slightly tan and I in my usual fashion am as pale as can be.

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Tonya said...

too cute, wish I'd have been there :)