Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I've decided to post three very random things every Thursday. They may or may not be related, but today they are three things I appreciate because they are chocolate-y and when you can't have dairy and you find something that is chocolate-y that you can have you must celebrate!!!

1. Chocolate Chunk cookies from back to nature. The packaging is entirely recyclable and it isn't full of junky ingredients.

2. Cascadian Farm organic dark chocolate almond granola...seriously chocolate for breakfast!!! DELISH!! I would recommend this to everyone!!! Again not a lot of junky ingredients, 5 grams of protein and 4 gms of fiber!!

3. Almond breeze chocolate non-dairy beverage (aka almond milk). Much better than silk or choc. rice dream, this actually passed the kid taste test. I use it in my coffe, but I've actually had a few glasses of it too, which I normally couldn't do with the other brands. Way to Go Blue Diamond!!

You know many people feel sorry for me, and they don't need too, because of my milk allergy. It reminds me daily that God is good, because it reminds me I am so blessed with so many options for nourishment. I asked God to help me eat healthier, and you have to be very label focused or eat tons of whole foods to avoid dairy in all its forms, and although I consider these things treats, it just goes to show there are alternatives to the junk we would normally eat. I mean in my cookies, there are no artificial colors or flavors. There are only 7 ingredients total, there are double that number in an oreo cookie, as well as artificial stuff.

Hope you have a blessed day! Think I'll have me something chocolate! ha!

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Tonya said...

You go girl!!!!