Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What we're up to Wednesday

It's the last day of school. Rebecca picked out her outfit.

I fixed her hair.

We had breakfast which was eggs and toast. We took teacher gifts and a little something for the principle and secretary, you'll see these Friday and Monday. There was an awards program at 8:15 for K-2 kids. Rebecca didn't get an award, but I like to be there. Rebecca is going to spend the night with my parents tonight because she wants to ride the bus with her grandma tomorrow and it's mom's last day of school.

I have been doing some goal setting, some of it related to everyday life, some to my blog. you'll be seeing some changes here, not in design, but in the posting schedule. I am hoping to get things more organized. There will be plenty of surprises too.

Jon has 2 more days of school, and a couple days next week of inventory stuff, and then we have some fun family things planned. I am so ready for summer. I don't want a free for all summer though, I want some structure so we don't spend our days in front of the tv and computer, or playing the Wii!

We are eating healthier, well I am trying anyway. My allergies are kicked up to a yucky level, so any little dairy sends my body into the ugly zone! I am going to try to find some ways to get healthy food without it costing so much, but when you look at all the things that have dairy in them, you have two choices, give it up or buy and alternative (which in most cases is a better for you alternative, but usually more expensive) For instance, pancake syrup, lots of different brands, common ingredient--caramel color, which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't have milk or milk derived product in it. Now because sampling is a lousy way to find out if I can have something I just avoid anything with caramel color because the price of being sick isn't worth it. I don't however want to go without any pancakes, so that leaves pure maple syrup as the alternative. Pure maple syrup is so much better, but it is double the cost of the over processed, added to sugary syrup we serve our family, and it is about half the size. Therefore, our grocery budget just got inflamed! So I am on the search for healthy hearty foods that don't bust the budget.

Well, I have some work to do, hope you have a blessed day

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