Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three Things Thursday

So, I didn't really get the whole green thumb from my mom, altho I have tried on multiple occasions, it is usually more by luck than by my fantastic attention to plants that they actually succeed. I was wondering today if your choice of plants had anything to say about you, all I can assume from my 3 things is I like purple, which kind of surprises me. Purple is not a bad color, just not one I would say is my favorite.

I have purple petunias in a pot on my front porch, they are bit beaten up from all the rain we've had.

I have lavendar in front of my front porch that started out as this tiny plant and is now taking over. I am planning on drying some lavendar this year. Planning being the operative other words...don't hold your breath! ha! And if you look closely I think you can see the bumble bee in the top picture. There were at least 5 buzzing around the plant

And lastly, but certainly not least is my purple butterfly bush. Also a plant that I purchased that was rather small...was is all I can say, it is taking over my entire flower bed on the northside of my porch, but I do love the way it looks. I need to find out when and how to prune it though, so I can keep it in the flower bed.
Aren't the little flowers amazing, and look at the little reddish center. The bush isn't even in full bloom, but I do love it.

I hope you are having a blessed day. What do your flowers say about you?

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