Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What we're up to Wednesday

So this past week has flown by, I can't believe it. Rebecca finished 1st grade, then the very last day of school wanted to spend the night at my parents so she could ride the bus with Grandma.

I met mom on Wednesday, didn't get my girl til Friday at Bible study. Ryan and I headed to Winchester to go to Bible study.

Jon had his last day of school on Friday. We had lunch at Mrs. Wicks on Friday YUM!! stopped to see Aunt Tonya and give her some things.

Went to Muncie with Grandma has Bella, found out I had no break lights, shopped at Target, went to Gaddis and had my stoplight switch fixed, no I do not drive a Hyundai. That is what 2 of the service people asked me at different times because apparently there is a recall on Hyundai stoplight switches. ha!

Headed home. Worked the weekend on Day shift...that was an adventure (I had some interesting patients). Gave chemo for the first time in about 2 years, some things you really don't forget.

Jon had graduation. Kids spent the night with mom and dad. Got the kids after work Sunday night.

Drove home in a bad storm that produced a double rainbow.

I am so glad blogger saves posts as you go, or this one would have been gone!

Anyway, I was driving home, kids in the back seat, and the sky was a weird shade of greyish yellow. I was white knuckled, watching the clouds, just waiting for a twister to drop. I was praying the whole time for safety and attempting to allow God's presence to give me peace. I was in the right lane and was getting ready to move to the left lane to pass and glanced back out the window because my car has a huge blind spot and saw the rainbow and I had instant peace. My anxiety melted immediately. I praised and thanked God right there. It was a wonderful moment. I continued to watch the sky, but more with amazement of God's power than with concern. We got home completely safe.

We had a lazy day on Monday as you learned yesterday, thanks to an upset belly, forgot about my husband's little cousins elementary graduation party, learned this morning my niece and sister in law were sick all night and since they were at the party, we are glad we were not! I couldn't have gone anyway, but Jon and the kids could have. I felt bad for missing and it was a complete slip on my part, so glad we weren't exposed to the yuckies!!

Tuesday did not go exactly as planned. I was still a bit under the weather. Worked on my Bible study, only one more week with my group.

Made a bit of a plan for Rebecca for school work for the summer, sorted out her school work for the year and moved it to a bankers box for storage.

Did dishes and laundry. Chilled quite a bit. Kids played and picked up. Watched the little mermaid with the kiddos during supper.

Just really enjoyed the day with my family.

Jon worked on our desktop computer, and he thinks he has it almost fixed! YAY!! It was sick.

Bless your heart if you made it that far! And now for your viewing pleasure ha!!

Rebecca and Mrs. Siggers (who is an amazing teacher)

Me and Ryan. He wanted his picture taken too. You would think he might smile...

Hope you are having a blessed week.

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Tonya said...

I'm exhausted just reading all that, HOW DO YOU FUNCTION????? We've seen some beautiful rainbows since we got home from Florida, on two occasions Thad has called and said "go out on the porch and look to the east" - rainbows are amazing!