Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was talking to my husband this morning about aluminum and alzheimers and said something along the lines, of I may try making my own deodorant. To which he rather quickly replied, "knock yourself out, which is probably what you will do every time you lift your arm"

Trust me it is never dull at our house!

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Michelle - Mom of 3 Munchkins said...

I recently started making my own shampoo and my hubby thinks it is weird, so when I came across a recipe to make my own deoderant the other day and thought about trying it, I couldn't decide if I should say anything to my hubby or just try it! After reading up about what is really in a lot of the stuff we use everyday, I am starting to think that being weird and healthier is better than using some of the store bought stuff. (And not to mention cheaper!)