Thursday, August 5, 2010

There are a couple fun things happening today...

First it is time to register my kids (FINALLY) for school, and we will receive their supply list (FINALLY)!!!

Then after that my brother will be coming by after his last class in Indy and spending the afternoon with us. I have a couple of kids who are PUMPED!! well right now they are sleeping, but if they were awake they would be driving me insane with is it time yet questions!!

Tomorrow my baby girl is going with her Aunt Tonya for a pedicure. She is also very very excited about this!!

Saturday we are having a memorial service for my grandpa and burying his ashes (not fun). Then having a cookout for lunch (FUN). Then we have a birthday party for my neice (also fun).

Then Sunday I am excited to be able to go to church, such is life as a weekend nurse. Then I have to work sunday night (not fun).

Then it is only one week until my babies are in school...hello kindergarten and second grade...seriously where did time go.

have a blessed day!!

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